Technical, chamber bolts are use to hold the upper control arm to the knuckle assembly on wheel . Adjustable camber bolt has more flexibility to align the wheel to the right angle and position. Below image is the adjustable camber bolt : Below is the location where the adjustable camber bolt … Function of Adjustable Camber Bolt on a Car . 15 Jan 2016 Lately I experienced something unusual on my ride, my Michelin tires have wear out on one of the tire’s shoulder as below: Michelin Tire wear on one shoulder. From the above image, the wear or damage on the tire clearly indicate that my Toyota Vios suspensions alignment are misaligned. Nov 20, 2008 Camber Kit Guide Read to better understand what a camber kit is, why you need one (or don't), and how to choose which brand to purchase. This guide is meant to help those that are having a difficult time deciding on a certain type of camber kit or would just like to know what a camber kit is and why they need it.

Once tire is removedyou will have access to camber .There are two bolts on the camber and you can adjust them both leftor right. Oct 28, 2005 Function : Adjusts the vertical angle of the wheel (the amount of tilt towards or away from the body). Some amount of negative camber which tilts the top of the wheel into the body is the norm for high performance cornering. Feb 21, 2009 On our cars , camber bolts can be used in 3 places: 1)The lower clevis hole in the front knuckles. 2)The upper clevis hole in the rear knuckles. 3)The lower clevis hole in the rear knuckles. Of these, the lower hole in front and the upper hole in the rear are the …

Jan 16, 2019 Camber functions . herees to your car’s stability, especially when making corners, camber plays a significant role. For the most part, a positive camber helps to stabilize your car , whereas a negative camber commonly helps high-performance cars to make swift and accurate corner turns. The angle of the camber (measured in degrees). Vehicle camber plates , also called caster-camber plates , consist of a mechanical plate of manufactured steel with slotted adjustment holes that can set an individual vehicle tire at a negative or positive angle. Changing the angle of the tire directly affects the suspension and the turning or handling characteristics of the vehicle . Camber . Camber angle is the measure in degrees of the difference between the wheels vertical alignment perpendicular to the surface. If a wheel is perfectly perpendicular to the surface, its camber would be 0 degrees. Camber is described as negative when the top of the tires begin to tilt inward towards the fender wells.

Adjustibility. Aftermarket plates with slots for strut mounts instead of just holes are available for most heremonly modified models of cars . There are certain other aftermarket solutions that allow modifying camber angle of the wheels. Camber bolts with eccentrics allow adjustable camber on some vehicles .