Except in the GT-R world a FBO, or full bolt-on GT-R implies tuning, increased injectors, and (sometimes) a bigger fuel pump all in addition to intake, exhaust, etc. Most of the time, if someone has bolt-ons , they've also had the car tuned to take the most advantage of the additional airflow. Dec 28, 2010 I should explain what bolt override is. It is a stoppage when a cartridge has wedged itself between the top of the bolt and the area above it, near the gas tube. There are a couple of possible causes, but they look essentially the same: The bolt is stuck … Can someone explain metric bolt designations? I understand how to convert say 10 mm to inches but the M designations have me confused. I have a table that gives torques for each M designation bolt .

Nov 09, 2011 Hot Rods Another silly question. Can someone explain what a bolt from behind wheel is. They and Team III offer a true bolt on, but the bolt from behind wheels really resemble a true spindle mount. There has to be more to it than removing the cap and spindle nut and sliding the wheel off of the spindle I'd imagine. bolt from the blue, a sudden and entirely unforeseen event: His decision to leave college was a bolt from the blue for his parents. Also bolt out of the blue. bolt upright , stiffly upright; rigidly straight: The explosive sound caused him to sit bolt upright in his chair. Dec 03, 2013 That and bolt-actions have attachments which are unique, such as the Rangefinder and Straight-Pull Bolt . So I don't think the displacement of resources argument holds much water. Bolt-actions have unprecedented access to all types of optics whilst the Recon class is already able to use the effective all-kit lineup to be viable in CQC.

Mar 28, 2008 Confused: Can someone explain Through Bolt vs Through Axle I did about an hour of reading old posts on 10mm through axle/ bolt setups for a standard dropout135mm rear end. Can someone please explain to me how a bolt action repeater operates? (self.CAguns) submitted 3 months ago by 5_out_of_7_perfect San Diego. Hi everyone, I'm about to purchase my first firearm in the next couple of days, and I've got my eyes set on the Franklin Armory CA7 AR pistol. I … May 25, 2004 (Searched) Torque settings can sometimes be inaccurate because of friction between the bolt and the hole it threads into, as well as the head of the bolt and its mating surface. The thinking behind angle torquing is that you bring the torque up to a certain level where the lb.ft.

Tightening using the Bolt Head or Nut. One of the disadvantages of using torque control is that there can be a significant variation in the bolt preload achieved for a given torque value. There are several reasons for this e.g. inaccuracy in applying the torque, dimensional variations of the thread and hole size variation amoungst others.