Audience Reviews for Bolt . Well I'm still yet to see an animated film that can topple the mighty 'Toy Story', 'TS' still sits on its throne with the number one spot. Nov 20, 2008 The peril is mostly in the TV show within the movie . After an early sequence (which could be intense for younger or more sensitive kids) it's made clear that the violence is manufactured, since the audience (unlike Bolt ) sees the crew setting off explosions, catching stuntmen, etc. Movie Review : Bolt Posted on Friday, November 21st, 2008 by David Chen I once had a conversation with my college film professor about the movie Monsters, Inc .

The movie starts with Bolt , a TV star who thinks everything that happens on his TV show is real, and Penny, his girl, the other actor on his TV show, who knows the truth. On is TV show, Bolt is a super dog with.. well, superpowers. There are some scenes of peril (explosions, hostage situations, evil cats) in the TV-show-within-a- movie , but after the first few action-packed minutes of the movie , it's made clear to the audience that it's all manufactured. There's also a tense, potentially scary fire during the movie 's climax. Film Review : I Am Bolt This energetic documentary takes an adoring look at Olympic sprinting champion Usain Bolt , “the world’s fastest man,” and his hardcore fans around the world will absolutely adore it. The merely curious may be put off by the film 's singleminded focus.

Nov 21, 2008 Bolt movie reviews Metacritic score: More than just man’s best friend, Bolt is a modern day action hero. Raised on the set of a hit television show, The opening of the movie brilliantly establishes the TV show's fictional world -- the one Bolt thinks is real -- with a superb ten-minute action sequence straight out of a family-