Nylon lock Nut is hexagonal Nut used with Nylon lock Nut is hexagonal Nut used with bolts and washers of the same material finish and grade. The nylon ring creates rotational resistance when displaced by a mating male threaded fastener thus preventing loosening. The nylon insert also helps resist vibration and adds extra corrosion resistance. Use a locknut over or in place of a regular nut to resist loosening due to machine vibration or torque. There are two main types of lock nut . A nylon insert nut has a slightly smaller thread than the bolt to provide added grip. It is reusable but heremended for high-temperature applications. Shop lock nut s in the nut s section here. Find quality lock nuts online or in store.

Product - Uxcell #4-40 304 Stainless Steel Nylock Self- Locking Nylon Insert Hex Lock Nuts (100-pack) Clearance. Product Image. Price $ 8. 40. List price $ 18. 99. Lock nut s typically fall into one of two groups: The nylon insert also dampens vibration between the bolt and nut further securing hereponents and provides a gas and moisture seal. Because the threads of the mating bolt deform but do not cut into the nylon so nylon insert lock nuts may be re-used a limited number of times. Shop standard (sae) lock nut s in the lock nut s section here. Find quality standard (sae) lock nuts online or in store.

Definition of locknut . 1 : a nut screwed down hard on another to prevent it from slacking back. 2 : a nut so constructed that it locks itself when screwed tight against another part. SKF lock nut s provide a variety of ways to secure the nut onto a shaft. The lock nut s listed here constitute the basic SKF assortment. Lock nut s with other locking methods can be supplied on request.