Simple Machines : Force Transformers Definition . A simple machine is a device that acts to increase or decrease the amount of force output by the machine, F o, compared to the force input to the machine, F i. Energy is still conserved Although a machine like a lever can increase the force, it does not create any new energy, because energy is a conserved quantity. The meaning of physics in Aristotle. It is a collection of treatises or lessons that deal with the most general (philosophical) principles of natural or moving things, both living and non-living, rather than physical theories (in the modern sense) or investigations of the particular contents of the universe. Physics (from Ancient Greek: φυσική (ἐπιστήμη), translit. physikḗ (epistḗmē), lit. 'knowledge of nature', from φύσις phsis nature) is the natural science that studies matter and its motion and behavior through space and time and that studies the related entities of energy and force. Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines,

80 SCIENCE (52) PHYSICS SCIENCE Paper -1 Aims: 1. To acquire knowledge and understanding of the terms, facts, concepts, definitions, laws, principles and processes of Physics . Here is the wassce syllabus for physics page. Get the 2017 Physics Waec syllabus in pdf here. Other subjects are also find on the link at the bottom 2. Mechanics: Distance between two adjacent teeth of a gear or two adjacent threads of a screw or bolt.

Isaac Physics . Isaac Physics a project designed to offer support and activities in physics problem solving to teachers and students from GCSE level through to university. X-Ray Definition . An X-ray is a form hereic radiation. Their wavelength is smaller the UV rays and they are therefore invisible to the human eye. A three-dimensional spiral curve. In mathematical terms, a helix can be described as a curve turning about an axis on the surface of a cylinder or cone while rising at a constant upward angle from a base.

A submarine is an underwater ship; its streamlined shape is designed to ease its movement. On the other hand, there are certain kinds of underwater vessels, known as submersibles, that are designed to sink—in order to observe or collect data from the ocean floor.