Mar 18, 2019 The benefit of the thumb screw is the ease of removal as well as installation with no tools required. The battery cover on many small electronic devices utilize a thumb screw . In most instances, the screw is also captured, this means that the screw or bolt once loosened, will not fall out of the cover. What are Thumb Screws and where are they Used. A thumb screw actually acts like a bolt in most applications. When typically used, this blunt-nosed screw or bolt is fastened into a threaded hole and its ease of removal doesn’t require any external tool to assemble or disassemble any equipment. Besides safety covers for electronic gadgets,. Thumbscrew ( torture ), a screwed device formerly used for torture . Thumbscrew (fastener), a type of screw with a tall head and ridged or knurled sides, or a flat vertical head, intended to be tightened and loosened by hand. Computer case screws .

Definition of thumbscrew . 1 : an instrument of torture herepressing the thumb by a screw . 2 : a screw having a flat-sided or knurled head so that it may be turned by the thumb and index finger. See thumbscrew defined for English-language learners. thumbscrew. (thŭm′skro͞o′) n. 1. A screw designed so that it can be turned with the thumb and fingers. 2. An instrument of torture formerly herepress the thumb. Thumb screws provide a secure grip for tightening and loosening by hand. Captive Panel Screws Secure panels and enclosures while allowing access.

Thumb screws are threaded fasteners with textured heads that allow them to be fastened and unfastened by hand. Thumb screws are typically used on low stress applications that require easy access. For example, thumb screws are often used to secure the side panel of … A thumb screw has a specially designed head that makes it easy to turn with one hand and ideal for use on parts that are frequently moved such as an access panel. The heads are winged, knurled or vertically tall and flat to provide an easy grip. A stainless steel screw is good for exterior applications. Thumb screws . Provides a grip for where hand loosening or tightening is needed. Commonly used in applications such as access panels and where frequent adjustment is required. For use in applications where frequent adjustment is needed.