Bolt (2008 film) The film's plot centers on a white dog named Bolt who, having spent his entire life on the set of a television series, thinks that he has super powers. When he believes that his human, Penny , has been kidnapped, he sets out on a cross-country journey to rescue her. Jun 03, 2009 How this works is that the dog owner must entice the dog towards the treat. Once the canine develops awareness for the treat, it develops a strong desire for it. When the desire for it is extremely strong, the dog owner pulls back. Then the dog heremand and when the dog heremand, it receives the treat. Bolt is a medium sized white-furred dog with a strong neck with thick, seemingly double-coated fur , which is raised when excited and lowered while running. Bolt has a muscular , sturdy body with strong upper arms and thighs.

Bolt’s look is based on a breed of White German Shepherd . Though Bolt’s breed was never defined in the film, the main character animator, Joe Moshier , has indicated that the wonder dog is loosely based on a White German Shepherd puppy that the team studied during production; his huge ears, and bushy tail are dead giveaways. Bolt is a white Alaskan Husky . Even though he does not have blue eyes, not all huskies do. Pandadragongirl : I think he's a white terrier bolt is a white German shepherd or …a white terrier German Shepherd : there are some white German shepherd's and bolt has a body similar to it. May 30, 2009 I'm looking to see what type of dog BOLT is. My son wan't a real dog just like him and I wan't to please him. thanks

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Bolt (climbing), an anchor point used in rock climbing. Bolt (firearms), a mechanism used in firearms. Crossbow bolt, ammunition used in a crossbow. Chevrolet Bolt, an electric vehicle that General Motors put into limited production in 2016. Bolting (horticulture), the early …